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- Autocross Rules and Conditions -

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ATTENTION all AutoX gang members!!


Here we are finally with an auto X plan in play! 


We do have auto X as of now but the plans have changed a little bit.  We are going to have 4 events this year because of a couple reasons. First and foremost the mall raised the rate considerable amount. Secondly, we had a good turnout last May as you all remember but if you recall we had poor turnout in the following months. In August we only had about 24 entrants! I hope with only 4 events each turnout will be stronger and this is good for our sponsors as well. 


Please understand if it were not for these sponsors there would be no auto X events! You need tires please go to Tire Connection, need a Subaru or service see Matt Patterson at Scoggin Dickey, or Gene Messer Ford for other vehicles. If you are moving, please reach out to Byron Cowling moving and storage , Trumble Crane & Rigging and Wolverine boots by Comfort Shoes ( me!!) . These people do a lot for us, what are we doing for them? PLEASE patronize them! 






Each event is $ 65.00 as in the past and if you pay for 3 events you get the 4 th event for $ 35.00. 65.00x4 = $260.00 - $30.00 ( last event)= $230.00!

We are working on a free gift for the all-season people who go this route ( still in the works)




As in the past we have this the morning of the event and MUST be there at 7:00 AM for this and driver's meeting at 8:00 AM ( if Rick is finally ready!!) 

You CANNOT participate in the event if miss the timely inspection time frame. There shall be VERY FEW exceptions and up to Rick who is exempt on this.




The plan as of now is there is NO lunch break. We shall eat when we are not running or corner working in order to save time and avoid the heat in the afternoon. Now of course this can be adjusted as needed but that's the plan as it stands for now. As in the past we are not permitted to have " food for sale" on the track site.




 EVERYONE that Rick put out there for workers MUST work. We MUST do this in fairness to all. If you want to know why RED RUN group does NOT work is they set up on Friday before, and I use them as instructors the day of the event for anyone who needs them. You may also see only SOME GREEN as workers as these people are not as experienced as you in Yellow, Blue run groups are, but again I try to balance this too.



(3 laps @ $ 5.00) no helmet required, run at 60% on the honor system, but to do these charity laps you MUST be a paid entrant for that event.



 WE shall us the SAME CAR NUMBER for the entire season!! ( if you don't have a number we will assign you one)

 Inspection sheet MUST be completed FIRST before you visit registration desk

 EVERYONE MUST have a wrist band and sign required waivers

 Registration CLOSES at 8:00 AM again with VERY FEW exceptions only given by RICK !!

 Remember we take credit cards, cash and checks for payment. NO COD's or layaway payments!! ( just kidding again!)




ALL helmets MUST BE SNELL 2015 or MORE RECENT. NO again, NO motorcycle helmets allowed and that includes baseball helmets!! You know who you are, I just had to add that. WE HAVE loaner helmets available too. They are $ 5.00 each for the day and come with a new sock




MUST be WOLVERINE BOOTS per Comfort Shoes!! JUST kidding, but they must be closed in toe shoes while driving, sandals, etc while not driving are fine.




I'm sure I missed something and you are invited to bring that to my attention and we will address those items I missed. Please tell your friends about our events and let's get them involved too! I might even be able to award you something for bringing a friend who signs up for an event! I'll be working on that.


THANK YOU ALL:  Yes, I thank you all for all your great support and hard work and effort. Remember this is YOUR auto X event, not Rick's, not Porsche's but yours and you must help me help you to make your event as good as we can for all of us. Call me anytime for idea's, questions or concerns, ( just not complaints! , I'm kidding here) Thanks, Rick Garlock, Auto X Chairperson, 


                                                                      Thanks, Rick, 410-852-5794 (cell)

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