- 2020 Autocross Rules and Conditions -


A lot of thought and idea's have come into play to better what we already have in a great auto x event!

First, you will notice that we no longer are using Motorsport Reg to register for the events, and that's all types of events. We will be using our WTXPCA.org website to handle ALL events. This will help all of us in being more cost efficient. 

Secondly, the rules for Auto X this year are a little different. 

  • There will be a late April and early October event for a total of 7 (We will have a make up day for the April date TBD). We will not have helmets to borrow due to Covid-19 rules and reg.  We will adhere to the local Covid-19 guidelines for these events.  

  • Price and Discounts: If you pay 15 DAYS IN ADVANCE through the website, the rate is $ 50.00 per event (with the "Early Bird" coupon code listed in the event details), after the 15 day window the cost will be $ 65.00 (the coupon code will expire). **As you register for the event through the website, the “EARLY BIRD" discount information (May Early Bird, June Early Bird, etc...) detailed information is located on the Registration page for each event. We are trying our very best to get the entrants to pay in advance and therefore created an incentive to do so. We no longer want 63 signing up and only 38 actually show up! This creates a lot of unnecessary work for Vicky. This is to be limited to the first 50 entrants.

    • If you buy the "full season" you will pay $ 50.00 X 6 ($300.00) and get the 7th event FREE

  • Cancellation/Refund Policy: If you sign up and pay the $50.00 for an event and you cannot make it for whatever reason, you WILL receive a 50% discount on the NEXT MONTH'S event. With this option, You DO NOT lose all your money for paying and missing the previous event. That is $ 25.00 for the next event. HOWEVER, if you paid for May as an example within the 30 day window ($ 65.00) then your June event will be $ 32.50. ( 50% of the $ 65.00 from April).  Otherwise, no cancellations or refund available. 

  • During Registration, you shall pick a first choice and a second choice car number. This will be your car number FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON! 

  • There will no longer be a "pre tech inspection" at Scoggin-Dickey Subaru as in the past. 

  • NEW TIME TO ARRIVE AT TRACK will be 7:15 AM. If I say “first car out at 9:00 AM" as an example, I owe it to you all to adhere to that. These great paying people do not want to be standing around waiting to see what happens next! You deserve better!

  • Run groups will be 6/6, that is, you shall run twice at 6 laps each the second group of 6 laps are timed. ( it takes a couple laps to get sharp again after sitting around)

  • We will still have 3 corner worker groups and I have to interrupt the event to do this, the worker groups will be White, Yellow, and Blue still. Red is for instructors and this will be our largest run group as we need instructors. So if you were in white last year you may get bumped to red this year. Green is still too green for safety matters and this will be our smallest run group. Green run group people may be ridding with red to better learn the line too.

  • There will be a map of the layout ONLY at the event ( see the trailer door)

  • ALL CARS TO RUN will be staged in the proper rows per run groups as SCCA does and as we did towards the end of last season


Our goal here is to have the event in a timely manner so we can have open track say about 1:30 to 2:30 or so and include charity laps. BRING YOUR $5.00 for a “Charity Contribution" for a 3 lap run with a friend or a relative. GREEN RUN GROUP MUST be signed off by an instructor to qualify for Charity runs!!!


Our Porsche events chairperson, (Larry Goldston) will be tentatively providing TWO drive outs (anyway) throughout the year on a SUNDAY so all who work on Saturdays can join in. 


I am positive that I must of left something out and therefore this can be adjusted and/or modified as needed. 


LAST THING HERE!!  DO NOT FORGET you MUST have CLOSED SHOES and LONG PANTS while driving on the track, we cannot have exceptions for some and not all even if you do come all the way from Amarillo! 


Anyone with ideas or questions or concerns can contact me as well. I cannot do everything that everybody wants so don't be upset if you did not get this exactly the way you like.


Thank you all, looking for a better year, Rick - Auto X chairperson, 410-852-5794 (cell)

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