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Black '04 Carrera Cabriolet

Black '04 Carrera Cabriolet, 40K miles,  6 speed, Champagne Leather, new clutch, and assembly, brakes, excellent tires, IMS completed, I'm amazed that a dealer has NOT snapped this car up,  It is a 9.5 of 10 condition car (nothing is perfect-not even new ones)  If you or you have friend that is looking for a 5 ticket ride,  tell them about this car.

Contact Charles Trumble  


Cell 806.468.6190

Spring Cleaning Parts for Sale and Wanted

1. Air Conditioner bracket, PN 911.126.115.00, $100, used but nice condition.

2. Chain tensioners (2) PN 901.105.519.00, both have turbo internals, one good, one collapsed, $450.00.

3. Oil lines (2), PN 901.107.348.00 and 901.107.347.01, excellent condition, next to new, $100.

4. Chain tensioner covers (2), PN 901.105.106.1R and 901.105.105.2R, one very good, one has some external corrosion but the interior is sound. Neither leaking on disassembly.  $200.00.

5. CV joints (2), PN 911.332.033.08, used but serviceable, $400.


ALSO NEED: Key, PN 644.613.901.02.

Contact Ed Anderson at nightlightning46@yahoo.com

Macan rims and tires for sale

1 of our long time members is selling a set of gently used Porsche Wheels and Tires in Lubbock.  You can buzz Dr. Smith (eaddy below)  about any questions on the tires and wheels.  Macan rims and tires for sale




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