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- Region Leadership -

Like every organization, we can’t function without leaders and management.  Our all volunteer board is elected for two year terms and there are open positions every year.  We are always looking for new people to get involved and participate in operation of the region.  The nomination committee is selected in August and nominations begin in September with elections in November, and finally the board being formally activated just in time for the New Year.

2024 Officers

2024 WTXPCA President

Jeff Goldston 

2024 WTXPCA Vice President

Rick Garlock

2024 Vice President of the Southern District


Paul Valinstein 

2022 WTXPCA Secretary

Vicky Garlock

2022 WTXPCA Treasurer

Vicky Garlock

2022 WTXPCA Events Chair Group


2022 WTXPCA Autocross Chairperson

Rick Garlock

2022 WTXPCA Web Designer

Jeff Goldston

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