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2/27/2021 - Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum Day Drive Out

Saturday, February 27th, we will be going to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon. I'll get you details as the event draws near. If you have never been, plan on going. It is one of the best museums you will ever visit. Thank you, Larry Goldston for putting this one together.

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3/27/2021 - Day Drive Out hosted by Stan Cribbs

Saturday, March 27th, we will have another day drive out hosted by Stan Cribbs. Stan always finds the fun roads to drive, even here in West Texas. You don't want to miss a drive out planned by Stan!

6/10-14/2021 - Monet's Garden Trip

Major event in June! Hats off to Sharon Trumble and Larry Goldston for putting this one together. June 10th - 15th, is our trip to Monet's Garden. Hopefully, we will be connecting with other regions

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