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West Texas Region and Carrera Multi Region 3 Activity Weekend May 23rd – 26th

Spring is here and it's time for us in West Texas and Carrera Region to get our Porsche cars out and drive them! We are inviting our members to the "Multi Region 3 Activity Weekend with West Texas & Carrera regions" hosted by West Texas Region beginning on THURSDAY May 23rd – 26th. We will be meeting in Cloudcroft NM, traveling to Las Cruces for a Driving tour, Social, Autocross combination weekend event.  Las Cruces Hotel info: Lundeen Inn of the Arts - 618 South Alameda, Las Cruces, NM, 88005, US  TELE: (575) 526-3326

  • Thursday we will depart from our respective location and both Regions will meet in Cloudcroft NM about 1:30pm Mountain (2:30pm Central) for lunch. From there we will start our driving tour down Highway 70 to Alamogordo and through White Sands National Park to Las Cruces. Once in Las Cruces, we will check in at the hotels, and meet for dinner.

  • Friday will be a social event and we will visit the Old Town area, have lunch, go sightseeing, then have dinner. We will have a drive out to Hatch, NM and visit world famous Sparky's Restaurant.

  • On Saturday, several of us will drive 40 miles to the Arroyo Seco raceway to do our " Solo One Style AutoX" and then return to Las Cruces for social activities. AutoX is open to all car makes and models and does not need to participate in the full weekend Club events

  • Those who chose not to participate in the AutoX can shop / go sightseeing in Las Cruces until the group returns for dinner/quiz.

  • Sunday morning, we will depart.

THE FREE DEAL FOR YOU!! To entice you and newcomers to bring your Porsche out and drive it as it was intended, we are offering 2 programs.

  • If you’re a New Member or New to AutoX, we have a AutoX Driving Experience Day at no cost for the first 6 PCA members. We must limit this to 6 slots, first timers and Porsche cars only. We encourage these free slots to first timers as we will have instructors! If you are interested in this FREE driving experience, please contact Rick by email or phone call to sign up and receive the schedule of details.

  • If you’re a returning participant and help us spread the word to get to 15 total paying entries, we will credit all paying entries $25.00 towards the next AutoX event entry fee.

Thanks again, WTX VP/AutoX Chair - Rick Garlock, - 410-852-5794 (cell)


Lubbock Departure Location and Time: Stripes (gas station) at 82nd St and Hwy 62/82 at 9:30 AM and depart to Brownfield and onto Cloudcroft, NM.

El Paso Departure Location and Time: Redline Racing 2210 E. Mills Ave at 12.00p.m and depart to Cloudcroft, NM.

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