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40th Anniversary WTX-PCA Dinner - RSVP Required

Updated: Sep 21

Sat. Sept 12, The 40th Anniversary WTX-PCA Dinner is fast approaching, Double Nickel Steak House, Slide Rd. Lubbock. Menu will be presented at the table. ALL RSVP HAVE TO BE IN TO TONI OR LARRY BY noon Saturday Aug 29th for the final number of attendees for the seating and the preparation of the 40th Anniversary Dash Plaques. If you have any questions or ideas bring them to the meeting so they can be discussed. A minimum number of attendees is required else we have to pay for the room.

All P-car drivers are welcome , PCA members, charter members, soon to be members, past members, members from other regions, etc. are welcome. All primary members will get a dash plaque.


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