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Matador Texas Overnight Trip November 13, 2020

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Nov 13, 2020 we will be going to Matador Texas and over night in the Matador Hotel. They have 8 rooms, we have asked them to set aside the complete hotel for WTX PCA for Friday night, Nov 13. Twenty percent of the rooms are already reserved. Call Marilyn, the owner of the hotel at 806-347-2939 to get your reservation ASAP, be sure to let her know you're with WTXPCA. All PCA members are invited, regardless of region.


Tentative Schedule:

Friday afternoon, social hour at the south side patio,

Next morning, after breakfast , depart for Goodnight Tex. to tour of the Charles Goodnight Ranch House and nearby museum. Karlie, museum curator will be our guide. As most of the know, Charles Goodnight, was the partner of Oliver Loving (Loving NM) The Goodnight Loving cattle trail is allegedly the longest cattle trail in history of US. The movie Lonesome Dove was about their life story, a lot of liberty was taken in making of the movie, but it's still the best western I've ever seen.

We will spend most of Saturday, Nov 14th at the Goodnight establishments. It has been tradition that visitors tie a bandana on the fence of the Goodnight home, your option. Then we will go to Caprock Canyon State Park to see the Charles Goodnight bison herd.

Here are some sites if you want to up to speed on the history:

• Charles Goodnight

• JA Ranch

• Matador Hotel

• Texas State Bison Herd

• Oliver Loving

• Lonesome Dove

WE are holding rooms at the Matador Hotel for 2-3 weeks from now and then they will be opened to public. This date was the first date that we could get the whole hotel, get your room reserved quickly, If you snooze on this you lose. Be prepared with a sleeping bag in your car if you wait.


Hope you'll join us,

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