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Porsche Palooza 2022 Event - Nov 9th-13th

Hello fellow Porsche enthusiasts!! Hope all is well. Every year I try to express to you all the great event the Porsche Palooza is. This year is no exception! Last year we had over 360 cars and about 600 attendees! These diehard Porsche fans come from all over the country as this is a must do event. Some ( such as me) will tell you it's better than the Porsche Parade even. To me this event and Rennsport reunion in Ca. are tops! If you would like more information on this, please reach out to me and I'll answer any questions you might have. Vicky and I have been doing this for several years now. Below are some details: Where is this: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, this is about 100 miles east of Tulsa, Ok. (that's not the route we take though) When is this: It's always held the weekend after election day. So, I believe election day is Nov. 8th so it's Thursday Nov. 10th through Saturday evening Nov. 12th. Everyone heads out for home on Sunday Nov. 13th. How and when do I register: Now this is where IT GETS TRICKY! Don't ask me why it's such a small window but it is. Register on NOVEMBER 1, 2022 at 7:00 AM !! That's right, you want to do this AS SOON AS IT OPENS or you will miss out on several events as this fills up VERY QUICKLY!! ( I'll keep you posted on this as we get closer. What Hotel do we stay at: The event has a host hotel on the site where all the cars are but we prefer the hotel about 2 miles away as they are about $ 15.00 less and give you a free breakfast. I mean a real breakfast, bacon, eggs, pancakes, everything, none of this " continental " stuff. Hotel Name: Best Western Eureka Springs, Ar. 866-214-5509, 101 E Van Buren . 479-253-9551 There is another Best Western so don't get them confused! Yes, Rick but how much!: These rooms are $ 129.95 to $ 139.95 but I will try to get a block of rooms at a deal in MAY when you TELL ME YOU WANT TO GO! How do we get there: We leave about 7:30 AM on Wednesday Nov. 9th . Go to Amarillo, to Oklahoma City, to Ft. Smith, Ar. and about 30 miles beyond to a town called Ozark, AR. and stay at a hotel/motel at an intersection which takes you straight north on a VERY twisty road (State Route 23) for about 150 miles into Eureka Springs. We go home the same way, a great road for us! How far is all this: 625 miles from Lubbock to Eureka Springs. So that first day (Wednesday) is about 500 miles. Tell me more about this event: They have a schedule that goes like the following: We arrive on Thursday about 1:30 pm, (we sleep in a bit from the long drive on Wednesday) Thursday 1:30 pm arrive the hotel, check in, etc., Rick cleans up their cars! Go register at the host hotel at 4:00 pm and mingle with everyone. This is where we review which " drive outs" we signed up for. You will see drive outs are only 100 miles, to extreme 375 miles, from casual driving to all out spirited driving, Friday the big day to do a serious drive out. ( Saturday drive outs end at 1:00 pm) Thursday night dinner is on us, where ever we wish to go. Thursday Night dinner may be provided for on the reservation form. This is something new that they did last year so we will see if they continue to provide this meal as well. Friday: Go to host hotel for 7:45 AM driver's meeting and then your drive out from 8:00 to 9:15 depending on which you signed up for. Get back in the afternoon and relax, and go to host hotel about 5:00 pm and join the tailgate party. Friday dinner is a dinner we sign up for. Saturday: Your second drive out, (if you signed up for one) We arrive back at the host hotel as many (at no charge) will do the " tour through downtown" police escorted about 1:30 pm. Were back at the host hotel about 3:30 and people usually park their cars where similar cars are and the spectators do a " wash and shine" low key car show to be voted on. This follows on the Saturday banquet at 6:00 pm with a great presentation by Leonard with awards to be handed out. We try to do this, but filled up in 2021 so we went to dinner as a group at a German restaurant down the road. This is very German area and plenty of good eating! The banquet and all is over about 9:00 pm. Sunday: Some also buy a banquet for Sunday morning at the host hotel, we don't do this as we feel we need to be packing up and getting on the road. We have driven all the way home to Lubbock and have dinner in Plainview at Chili's about 8:00 pm and home about 9:30 or so. We also, ( depending on how we feel) have stayed in El Reno, Oklahoma, and drive home on Monday and arrive about 3:00 pm or so. Here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to get a block of rooms (12) at this hotel, and you call them and tell them " you are with West Texas Porsche Club" and get your credit card out. On NOVEMBER 2, (SECOND) I will cancel out any rooms on that block that are not spoken for!! That does not mean you can't register and go with us it's just that you will have to get your own reservations. There are many places to stay, so you won't have a problem finding a room. I will keep you up to date as I receive any more information. If you want to see pictures from this event, then come to one of WTXPCA meetings. ANY QUESTIONS??: Just give me a call. Thanks again, Rick 410-852-5794 (cell)

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