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Route 66 2022 Event - Sept 14th-19th

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

So, our WTPCA club is very busy putting plans together to have a fulfilled and exciting season coming up, lots of work behind the scenes! Today I want to tell you about the Route 66 plans. Wednesday Sept. 14th and returning home on Monday Sept. 19 th. We have rooms blocked out at decent rates. You can also jump in on this on your own reservations last minute and meet up along the way. Below see the schedule and then the hotels we have reserved with contact name (s) and numbers. When you call any hotel mention “West Texas Porsche Club” NOT just Porsche Club! Schedule:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 14th - leave Lubbock at about 7:30 am, arrive about 3:00 pm MT time. Form the mall parking lot (where we have Auto X events) MAKE SURE you have a FULL TANK and drink, potty, etc. so we drive over to Clovis hwy. The drive will be to Clovis, Santa Rosa, ABQ., then to Gallup, Nm for the night. 450 miles, 7 hours of driving time.

  • Thursday, Sept. 15th - leave Gallup about 11:00 am, arrive about 2:00 pm and drive to our “host town”, Flagstaff, Az. This is 185 miles and up to 3 hours of driving. We will get settled in and relax and just see what everyone wants to do from there.

  • Friday, Sept. 16th - leave about 9:30 am and drive to Selgman, Az about 65 miles where we jump on “ old Rt 66 “ and drive to Kingman which is 150 miles from Flagstaff, ( another 90 miles) Then over to Oatmont, AZ ( 20 miles) and after having lunch, some shop museums, visiting we will leave this area about 3:00 pm and head straight back to Flagstaff and arrive about 5:00 pm.

  • Saturday, Sept. 17th - Here we might do different things, some might go around Flagstaff and stay local, some will drive to Sedona, Az 40 miles but about 1 hour and on to Cottonwood about another 30 miles and 40 minutes, and some might drive up to US 180 to state RT 64 to Valle, AZ. This is a very twisting road according to the map. We would agree to meet up at about 4:30 pm back at the hotel to share our day and refreshments, etc.

  • Sunday, Sept. 18th - Leave Flagstaff about 9:00 am, arrive about 3:00 pm and drive to Albuquerque. We will get settled in at the hotel and do the usual, relax, refreshments, etc. Leave ABQ about 5:30 and drive to Cedar Crest (25 miles) and then on to Madrid, NM (30 miles) so we are there about 6:15 pm. At 6:45 pm go to the top of Sandia Peak about 40 miles about 1 hour and see the sunset at top about 7:45 to 8:00 pm. We can adjust this as we see fit. Then back off Sandia Peak we can have dinner at about 8:30 pm at this Mexican restaurant we know of (can’t recall the name, but it’s right there off the mountain). As we leave the restaurant and head back to ABQ, you will get a great view of the city lights too! We should be back to our room about 10:45 to 11:00 pm.

  • Monday Sept. 19th - Leave about 9:30 am and come home. 425 miles and 5.5 hours of driving. That puts us back home about 4:30 pm. (one hour for lunch, etc. and we lose one hour in the time zone)

As in any of these “drive n dine”, overnights” there’s always flexibility and movement depending on what we all feel like at such times.

HOTELS: Wed. Sept. 14th Gallup, NM- El Rancho Hotel- Kimberlee, 505-863-9311 $ 121.00 Tax included 1000 E HWY 66 , Gallup, NM. Thursday, Friday & Saturday 15th, 16th, 17th checking out the 18th Hotel Aspen, Maria, 928- 974-7356 / 928-774-7356. $ 120.00 Tax included 1008 E. Rt. 66, Flagstaff, Az. Sunday, Sept. 18th Albuquerque, NM. Sonesta Suites – Liz, 505-888-3424 $ 130.00 Tax included 3300 Prospect Ave. ABQ., NM. ALL, I repeat ALL cancellation dates will be SATURDAY AUGUST 27,2022!! Just tell the hotel you are with WEST TEXAS PORSCHE CLUB. That means if you don’t have your room reserved before this, then you can try to get one on your own, probably at a higher rate, or there’s other hotels in the area. Well, there you have it! Any changes or adjustments I’ll be posting as we get closer. Remember, any questions on Rt 66 or Porsche Palooza, contact Rick 410-852-5794 (cell)

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