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2024 West Texas PCA Election Results

A belated Happy New Year to all. Sorry that this is a bit late in coming to everyone, We had a family emergency during the holidays.

The results are in from the mailed out ballots.. As per the bylaws, the ballots were tallied in the proper manner and here are the results:

Jeff Goldston- President

Rick Garlock- Vice President (north)

Paul Valinstein- Vice President ( south)

Treasurer - Vicky Garlock

Secretary - Vicky Garlock

These are the officers elected by you, the members. Although not an officer position, Rick Garlock will be the Autocross chairperson as in the past going forward.

With Jeff as the new President and Rick being at his side, Jeff has come up with a very exciting and active schedule for the first year of a 2 year term. 

One of several items that are paramount to Jeff and Rick is to get our current members more involved and to participate in at least one of several events Jeff has planned.

Details of the 2024 agenda will be come soon! Feel free to contact Jeff, Rick or myself if any questions, thank you for the effort you all put forth to make our WTXPCA a successful and exciting club!

                                                               Thanks again, 

                                                                Vicky Garlock, Secretary/ Treasurer 

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